Friday, 4 April 2008

Wear & Tear

Today I took time out of cutting templates to hang out with Arthur and beat him at pool...I actually did.

Monsta Wallets!

This isn't some lame funky road-cone student thing, there were roadworks literally in the middle of the pub...dunno what was going on.

I have recently watched 'The Color of Money' and my eye was on the prize, I was Paul Newman......

.....he was Tom Cruise.

This guy does SICK graff.

Thursday, 3 April 2008

Eternal Youth

why do those small photos always make people look like crackheads.


Sofi made me PROMISE to take Rock The Bells in to Donuts when i got it so we can watch it in the shop. If you haven't seen this and are into Wu Tang you NEED to own it, i got it for like £3 on Amazon. Get it. Heres the trailer.

On the Grinds

So! Compared to heavyweight blogs like SOFI DONUTS or the BNTL guys this blog is about to get "knocked the f**k out". I realized after completing 10 questions of a 70 question myspace 'get to know me' quiz that i spend far too much of my time online WASTING it. One thing I will say is that the new Monsta stuff will be available for online sales reeeeeaaaaaallll soon! and I will be keeping updates on here as often as possible!!!

London X Tomb Crew

Ok, so...before it gets far too late to blog...(which it kind of already is) I went to London last weekend basically just to kick it and see some Family. I met up with Manik from Tomb Crew on Friday and we went to a few stores (Upper Playground, New Era etc etc). Manik was looking for Nerds (y'know, the sweets that went from 30p to Golddust in a couple of years)...frantically...I mean...Nerds are this mans Crack Rock. We found some eventually but they weren't the right ones...he wanted the Rainbow Pack DAMNIT!!! pssshhhhh......Manik told me to come to Night Slugs cause Tomb Crew were playing and after very little convincing i agreed (If you haven't heard Tomb Crew yet i suggest you check them out HERE!). After a night of sick music I went back with the Tomb Crew guys and vaguely watched Deathrace 2000 (a film where Rocky gets points for running over people). After actually going out again in London I am fully looking forward to going back!! Thanks to the Tomb Crew guys for letting me crash on your sofa!!! Heres some pics anyway:

I saw this fella actually PAINTING this cake....

Manik clucking for some Nerds.

Me showing you all how versatile my face is.

This is how you watch futurama in comfort on a National Express back to Bristol...i saw the jealousy in the other passengers eyes!!

Banner I made for Sofi Donuts

This blog is sick. SRSLY. yhir.

Wednesday, 26 March 2008


So, this morning I get a phone call from F telling me to get my ass online and check something out. He links me to the innocent smoothie blog (Felix swears by innocent smoothies) and sure enough the first picture up is a Monsta one! so obviously I go 'what the hell!!?' and basically he's one of 100 people to win a visit to the Innocent Smoothie empire. They even linked Monsta on their page! crazy. Felix is king hustler. one.